It's Back: The 2015 Book Memories Challenge! + Memories from 2014

If you missed last year's book memories challenge - or if you're joining us again for the 2nd year - we have good news! It's back!!

Okay, sorry. I got a little carried away. 
So, if you need a little recap on the first year - you can click the 2014 Challenge Post! Now on to 2015...

It's super simple. It's like the goodreads challenge, with a twist. So, for every book you read in 2015 - pick a quote (or several) to add to your jar. At the end of the year, you'll have a stack of book quotes to look back on. Some will make you smile, some will gut you all over again, and some will just make you wonder what the hell you were thinking when you highlighted that. (maybe that's just me?)

Here's some of our highlights from 2014: 

- "She's fearless with her tattoos, stamping her body with whatever is truthful for hear at the time. There's something honest about that - about devoting yourself to whatever is honest for you in the moment, even though you know life will change and you'll change with it." - Best Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine (Buy here)

Some of Carmen's faves:
"I spent my life folded between the pages of books"
"Girls are always talking bout electricity in their romance, but none are too happy to actually be electrocuted, apparently. Bloody confusing, is what it is." - Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi (buy here)

"Some relationships just end. Like a star, they burn bright and brilliant, and then nothing in particular goes wrong, they just reach their end. They burn out." 
"Sometimes, it's the scary things in life that are the most worthwhile." - Losing It by Cora Carmack (buy here)

"Love is not the absence of logic, but logic examined and recalculated heated and curved to fit inside the contours of the heart." 
"Choosing to be with you isn't a difficult decision Jacqueline... it's easy. Incredibly easy." - Easy by Tamara Webber  (buy here)

"'If you must fail,' he said 'Fail Spectacularly.'" - Miss Pergerine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs (Buy here)

"You'd think with all the reading I do, I would've thought about this before, but I haven't. I've never once thought about the interpretive, the storytelling aspect of a life, of my life. I always felt like I was in a story, yes; but not like I was the author of it, or like I had any say in it's telling whatsoever. 
You can tell your story any damn well you please. 
It's your solo." - The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson (buy here)

"I will be unapologetic. I will with no regrets."
"Words, I think, are such unpredictable creatures. No gun, no sword, no army or king will ever be more powerful than a sentence."  - Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi (Buy Here)

"You know, nothing ever goes back exactly the way it was. Things just expand and contract. Like the universe, like breathing. But you'll never fill your lungs up with the same air twice. Sometimes, it would be cool if you could pause and rewind and do over. But I think anyone would get tired of that after one or two times." - Winger by Andrew Smith (buy here)

"So Plato talked about these beings that used to exist that had four legs and four arms and two heads. They were totally self-contained and ecstatic and powerful. Too powerful. So zeus cut them all in half and scattered all the halves around the world so that humans were doomed to forever look for their other half, the one who shared their very soul. Only the luckiest humans find their split-apart, you see." - I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson (Buy here)

and some funny...

"Butt Shark" "Whisker Biscuit" "Cunt Nugget" "Cheese Tits" - some of Daniel's many nicknames for others from Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover (buy here)

"Heathcliff must've been a total freaking boner boy." 

"Let me just unsubscribe from my own mind already, because I don't get any of it." 

"Thank God I don't have one of those. Who'd want a lust-o-meter sticking out the middle of their body?"  - The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson (buy here)

(While playing 'I Spy With My Little Eye' in the car) 
" 'Okay, I spy something" - I look down at Hardin - 'Black.'
'Hardin's soul!' Landon shouts, and I laugh. Hardin opens one eye and sticks up a middle finger at his stepbrother." - After We Fell by Anna Todd (buy here)

so yeah, see? It's really quite fun! We hope you'll join us and make yourself a book memories jar this year! You can follow along with the fun by hitting the tag #BookMemoriesChallenge15 on social media (especially instagram!) 

Thanks for being the best followers ever! 
-Amber, Ursula, Carmen 
The GFG team

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