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Picking Up the Pieces Series Synopsis:
Picking up the Pieces:
After having her heart broken by the only man she’s ever loved everything seemed to go downhill for Emerson Grace. It has taken eight years but Emmy is finally starting to pick up the pieces of her damaged life. But the man who destroyed it has returned bringing with him the pain of the past. Can she let go of the pain Luke caused and accept him back into her life or will the memories be too much for her to overcome?
Running from Emmy was the only way Lucas Allen knew he could protect her from the demons he carried with him. After spending one perfect night together Luke takes off, certain that he can’t possibly give Emmy everything she deserves. Now he’s made the decision to return to Cloverleaf and make things right. But is he prepared to truly face all of the damaged he has caused?
Will Luke and Emmy finally get their chance at love or will the secrets of the past stop them before they even get to begin?
Rising from the Ashes:
People make mistakes when they're young, but how they choose to come back from those mistakes is what matters in the end.
Savannah Morgan found true love at a very early age, but one rash decision — one that she would regret for the rest of her life — was all it took to end her relationship with the love of her life.
For seven years, Jeremy Matthews has accepted being "just friends" with the only woman he's ever loved. Finally deciding that enough is enough, Jeremy relentlessly pursues Savannah until he forces her to see just how right they are for each other.
When Savannah's past mistake is revealed, threatening the future she so desperately wants, the fate of their relationship lies in Jeremy’s hands. Will he be able to forgive Savannah, or is the relationship truly over?
When struggles and obstacles threaten the foundation of Savannah and Jeremy's relationship, will they choose to let each other go, or rise from the ashes of the past to claim their happiness?

What the hell was I thinking?! The problem was that I hadn’t been thinking at all. I let my body overrule my brain, and now I was stuck in an impossible situation. I knew I had to get out of there, and fast. I lifted Luke’s arm as slowly as I could and slid out from under it to the edge of the bed. I was feeling around for my clothes when I was suddenly jerked back against his solid chest, his arm like a vice around my waist.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he whispered in my ear before running his tongue around the outer edge and nipping my lobe.

It felt so good that my whole body shuddered, but it didn’t change anything. “I need to go home,” I replied quietly as I stared into the dark. “It’s late.”

He trailed his lips up and down my neck, and it took all of my willpower to keep myself from melting into him. “I know it’s late, so you should just lay back down. Besides, I’m not letting you go anywhere. I’m nowhere near done with you.” He rolled me onto my back, climbed between my legs and kissed me like his life depended on it.

I was completely breathless by the time he pulled away and reached over to his nightstand. “Luke, we can’t,” I said with more conviction than I felt. “We shouldn’t have had sex the first time. It was a mistake, and it can’t happen again.”

His room suddenly lit up, and I had to blink as my eyes adjusted to the light. He’d moved so quickly, I hadn’t even felt the bed shift before he turned on the lamp on the nightstand. “A mistake?”

Uh oh.

His anger was almost palpable, and I couldn’t help but cringe at the menacing look on his face. “Did you not hear me last night?” he asked sarcastically.

I pulled the sheet tight against me, trying to cover myself up. “What are you talking about?”

“After I nearly fucked you into a coma, I informed you that I wasn’t letting you go. Did you somehow miss that?”

His biting tone was quickly feeding my own anger. “Just because you said it, doesn’t mean I agree with it. You can’t make me do anything I don’t want to do, Luke.”

The grin that spread across his face was almost frightening. “That’s the beauty of it, baby. You want this just as much as I do. You were practically begging for me to be inside you.”

“Fuck you,” I hissed as I shot off the bed in search of my clothes.

“I plan to.”


Born and raised around Houston Texas, Jessica spent most of her life complaining about the heat, humidity, and all around pain in the ass weather. It was only as an adult that she quickly realized the cost of living in Houston made up for not being able to breathe when she stepped outside. That's why God created central air, after all.
Jessica is the mother of a perfect little boy--she refuses to accept that he inherited her attitude and sarcastic nature no matter what her husband says.
In addition to being a wife and mom, she's also a wino, a coffee addict, and an avid lover of all types of books--romances still being her all time favs. Her husband likes to claim that reading is her obsession but she just says it's a passion...there's a difference. Not that she'd expect a boy to undertand.
Jessica has been writing since she was a little girl, but thankfully grew out of drawing her own pictures for her stories before ever publishing her first book. Because an artist she is not.
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