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An LSU Fan Celebration

As many of my long time readers know, I'm a huge LSU fan, not just football - just in general (but definitely football, too). LSU (Louisiana State University, for all you non SEC/non US readers) is kinda just in my blood. Louisiana is one of the best places on the face of this big wide world, and LSU is very much a part of that. Baton Rouge is a magical place. The atmosphere, the people, the food... it's all amazing. So, I was pretty thrilled when I got the chance to work with the author of GUMBO FOR THE TIGER SOUL, Ces Guerra. You can read the guest post from Ces here

I know, it's a little different from our normal "thing" but when I can get involved with books about something I love:
 I. Am. So. In. 

Gumbo for the Tiger Soul (GFTS) is a book full of tradition. It's a book that takes you out of your living room, out of your pjs, and into Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Tiger Stadium - Death Valley - and into some purple and gold.

At LSU, we tend to say "Bleed Purple, Live Gold." and I think this book is a great representation of that. There's stories of how Abita Beer is a Louisiana Brewery, one that's unique to the area, one that makes the best beer ever. (okay, that part might be meet talking.) There's no Louisianan who doesn't wait anxiously for strawberry season to roll around so that they can get their hands on that amazing seasonal Abita Strawberry. (I'm one of them, and I bother these people in Alabama about it.)

There's recipes for jambalaya and red beans and rice and things that you just have to make to believe. If you've never been to Louisiana? Never had the food that makes Louisiana so unique to the taste buds? Then for that reason alone, this book is worth your time. You can travel to Louisiana without ever having to leave your hometown if you choose to.

There's football traditions, there's fun stories of the past, and most of all, there's a love and camaraderie that you honestly can't find anywhere but Baton Rouge.

Pick up this book, and find out why LSU will always be home sweet home away from home for me (and hopefully for you too).


GFTS is being sold in three* physical locations now
LSU Bookstore

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