It's Match Day for some of our favorite boys! As some of you know, Amber is the advocate for Jack Carter from J. Sterling's The Perfect Game Series, and HE NEEDS YOUR VOTES! He's neck and neck with Rule Archer (Who we also love and adore but this time we have to pick Jack!) Please help us out! You can vote at: NA Alley

Jack and I have formed an alliance with a lot of these other sexy boys.... err Jack would probably call them "awesome dudes" but whatever, this isn't Jack's blog! haha! so we would love it if you support them! You can vote for ALL of them by going to: and scrolling through the matches. 

I would love you forever if you head over and vote JACK CARTER in today’s NA Crush Tourney Rounds! 
Jack Carter supports: 
Archer Hale
Ridge Lawson 
Ford Aston

(And Travis Maddox but he’s not up today)

So please head over to and vote for Jack, Ridge, Ford, and Archer.

You can learn about Jack if you don't know him yet by reading the interview I did with him for the tourney: 
I sat down with him for a few minutes to talk NA Crush Tourney and more, enjoy this tiny peak into Jack’s crazy brain, and vote for him to keep seeing more!

Q: Hey Jack! I know you’re super slammed being amzing so we appreciate you stopping by. My first question is: Are you worried about all of these other guys you have to go up against in order to win?
Jack: worried?  Nah. I'm friends with most these guys, so all I can say is that you ladies have amazing taste
Q: If you had it to do all over again, would you of have ever left Cassie to go play ball?

Jack:  You mean, when I first got drafted out of college?

Q: Yeah. The first time. Would you have still left to go play?

Jack: Uh, *hesitates* I'm just thinking about how to word this without sounding like a total dick. *shrugs* Yes, I would have still left. There are other things I wish I would have done differently after signing my contract, but leaving to play professional baseball was something I'd strived for since I was a little kid. Am I making sense? Basically, I would have left. I would have left and it all would have been fine if I didn't screw it all up.

Q: What makes you unique?

Jack: I'll do whatever it takes to win back the girl. Whatever. it. takes.  And when she starts to not trust me, I'll prove it. I don't let the things I want in life get away from me.

Q. What are your 3 greatest strengths?

Jack: My attitude, this body *runs hands down the length of his ripped shoulders and abs*, and playing ball. 

Q. What are your 3 greatest weaknesses?

Jack: Kitten, baseballs that hit me at really high rates of speed, and my dick when it's drunk 

Q. What would your ideal day be like?

Jack: My ideal day would literally be being surrounded by my family and the people we love and trust, (maybe watching a baseball game, or playing), eating good food (most likely Gran's homemade cooking), drinking lots of beer, swimming in the pool, doing dirty things later in the hot tub (not all of us together pervs just me and kitten), and hanging out.  
Q: What advice would you give your kids about chasing their dreams??

Jack: I'd tell them to always follow their hearts and to never listen to those people who tell them they can't do it- because trust me, there will be enough of those people around all their lives. Only you can know what pulls you, what calls to you, what drives you. So go do it. Do it until they won't let you anymore. But don't ever stop trying.

Q. What do you find really grates on your nerves?

Jack: Liars.

Q: what were you doing when you found out you'd been nominated? 

Jack: I was just watching SportsCenter highlights in bed when Cass came barreling in saying she had the hottest boy toy on the planet. I had no fucking idea what she was talking about, but then she explained it. I'm honored to be in this competition (and tired of always losing these damn things), but I think it's cool. And Kitten thinks it's super hot, which means I get lucky later. So thanks ladies.

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Haha! I think you’ll see that Jack is quite the character, so if you know him, and you love him: Vote For Him.

If you don’t know him, and you’d like to know him: Please get to know him. He really likes it, I promise.

We’d love to go crazy all tourney long with his baseball butt driving us nuts the whole time!

Vote Jack Carter. You know you wanna.

You can join the conversation about Jack, and the campagin to get him through the tourney by checking out the hashtags #VoteJackNACrush14 or #VoteJackFnCarter

You can check out Jack on twitter and on facebook, too! He's pretty sweet to all of his kittens, and he's currently accepting all kinds of new kittens into his heart. 

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