It's a Secret Blogger Christmas in July!

**UPDATE** All entries have been tallied and if you were selected to participate, you should receive an email tonight! We can't wait to celebrate Christmas in July with you guys this month! (7/16/14)

Are you a book blogger? Do you like Christmas? Do you like Christmas even when it's not Christmas? Then you've come to the right place, friend! 

If you're anything like us - you can't wait to get packages full of bookish goodies in the mail. You also, probably can't wait for Christmas when they come all wrapped in bows and paper you can rip apart like a wild animal. WELL GUESS WHAT: now you don't have to. and are happy to announce the
1st Annual Bookish Christmas in July (Blogger Edition). 

A few housekeeping announcements/details/FAQ: 
- Don't sign up unless you can commit to sending out a gift by July 31. You wouldn't want someone to not send your gift, so don't be that person to someone else. It sucks. 

- We are only accepting 20 people!!! This is just because we don't want it to get out of hand. We want it to be organized, run smoothly, and for everyone to be happy with it. SO SIGN UP NOW. The spots are first come, first serve and once they're gone - they're gone. 

- This exchange is US ONLY. (Sorry International fans, if this goes well we will open it up to International bloggers in the future.) 
- It's OKAY for more than one individual per blog to sign up - the exchange isn't per blog, it's per person - but you must be a blogger to sign up. 

- We will email with more details, along with your SECRET buddy's info once sign ups have closed. When you get your buddy, please remember to keep them SECRET. Don't reveal yourself until you send your gift (and PLEASE, at that time - sign your card or something so they know who you are!) 

If you have specific questions that we haven't answered in this post, please don't hesitate to

Happy Christmas in July, Book Bloggers! 

Sign up here.  Alternatively, you can use the form below: 

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  1. This is such a great idea!!!! I love how you're always doing cool new things on your blog ^_^ Too bad it's US only because I cannot wait an ENTIRE YEAR to enter!!


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