Book Review: Take Two by Laurelin Paige

Take Two


He’s ready for his close up, but she’s the one calling the shots. 

On the night of her graduation from film school, straight-laced Maddie Bauers fell completely out of character for an oh-my-god make-out session with a perfect stranger. Complete with the big O.

Seven years later, that romantic interlude is still fresh in her mind. That stranger is now a rich and famous actor. And she’s one very distracted camera assistant working on his latest production. She might consider another tryst…if he even remembers her.

Micah Preston does indeed remember Maddie. Too bad he’s sworn off Hollywood relationships. He allows himself as much sex as he likes—and oh, he does like—but anything more is asking for trouble. For the woman, not for him. Yet knowing Maddie could want more than a movie-set fling doesn’t stop him from pursuing her like a moth drawn to hot stage lights. 

But as the shoot nears its end, it’s decision time. Is it time to call, “Cut!” on their affair, or is there enough material for a sequel?

Warning: Contains a dreamy movie star hero, a focus-pulling heroine, off-the-charts instant chemistry, steamy sex in near-public locations, and a new use for lip gloss. 

My Review

**This book was given to me by the publisher for my honest review.** 

I really enjoyed this story! I am not someone that shies away from sex and intimate moments, but they're typically not my thing to read unless there's a reason for those moments. Sure, lust was a big part of the reason for the sex, but there were many more underlying issues. 

When I first read the synopsis for Take Two, I wasn't that fascinated because it didn't sound too original, but I decided to give it a go because I wanted to read an author I hadn't read before. I am SO glad that I gave this book a chance. I was involved in the story from page one, and didn't lose interest a single moment throughout the plot. 

The main characters, Maddie and Micah, are thrown together on a Hollywood set. She is a camera assistant and he is an actor. The plot follows their navigation of not only being attracted to one another, but also fighting it due to the Hollywood stigma of relationships never working out in their industry. 

I loved both of the main characters, but what really surprised me about this book is the great support in the secondary characters. Sam, Fudge, Bree, LuLu, etc. They all played such pivotal roles in the development of Maddie and Micah's character. I especially loved Fudge! 

The thing that I really enjoyed about Paige's writing was her decision to keep the world building simple. She didn't make it too hard too follow or too intricate to understand. This story didn't need much world building. It needed deep and rich characters, especially in M & M. And she delivered. 

Most of the time I was so concerned about the characters that I forgot where they were. And I loved that I was able to do that! I honestly cared about Maddie and her struggle with her feelings for Micah, her insecurities, and her self-esteem. I cared about all of it. I can say the same for Micah. I cared that he felt that he couldn't be a successful movie star if he was in a relationship. I cared about how his mother and father's relationship impacted him. He was a really likable guy, even though he was arrogant. 

Throughout the book, I found myself feeling so many emotions. Frustration from Maddie and her indecisiveness. Micah and his mind games. Sadness when either one of them were sad or hurt. Joy when they had various conversations. It was all completely believeable to me. 

The sex scenes were beautifully done. Not too graphic, but just descriptive enough to give you ALL of the feels. There is definitely a very thin line between necessary and unnecessary descriptive sex and Paige stayed on the correct side of that line. There was so much meaning behind the characters' interactions, sexually and non-sexually. I felt that Paige did a great job in keeping that balance. 

The final scenes of the book were absolutely heart-melting. I got such joy from that ending. There was no cliffhanger, everything was resolved and I felt like I could close the book with a smile on my face, not having any other questions. 

This was a great effort by Paige and I definitely look forward to reading more from her! 

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