What City of Heavenly Fire Taught Us

VERY VERY MILD SPOILERS. (I actually don't consider them spoilers at all. but if you're really picky don't read this!!) 

City of Heavenly Fire for me, was one of the best endings to a series I could've ever asked for. We all expected such massive heartache, such extreme loss, and I think that we got that... but we got it with a twist. We got stabbed and then we got the knife twisted inside of us, only to have it pulled out and stitched up. Then the doctor sent us away with no pain medication. (That's a pretty spot on analogy if I do say so myself..and I do...say so...myself.) 

The book was an emotional rollercoaster, and a LOT of information. That said, every single line in this book was pertinent. Every single line excited and thrilled me, hurt me, made me happy, healed me. There was no warning before the salt was rubbed into my wounds and no warning when the anesthetic entered my system.

These characters teach life lessons. Here are just some of the things I think we can learn from City of Heavenly Fire

I was so happy that Jace was still Jace. Before this book released, I was really scared that Jace would be changed somehow - and I guess, in the end - he was. Despite his change though, he was still Jace. The one we fell in love with years ago while reading City of Bones. Jace taught us that though change is scary - it's not always a bad thing. Change is inevitable, you gotta learn how to move on through it. If Jace did, anyone can. 

Simon grew so much as a character and it was amazing to see him go from this meek kid who barely had the courage to speak to a girl to this grown man who put his life in front of others with no thought of what it would mean for him. Simon taught thoughtfulness, plain and simple. 

Alec showed us that bravery doesn't have to be without emotion. That it's okay.. to just not be okay sometimes. He showed us to be true to ourselves, even when it feels like the world is against us. He taught us to love, and most of all, to forgive.

Magnus taught us that age really is just a number, and that age doesn't make you wise in the face of love. He taught us that people can be redeemed and that magic is real.

Clary taught us that life can be extraordinary, even when it's hard. She taught us that though life throws punches, it's up to you to decide whether you're going to duck and run for the hills or come back fighting. She came back fighting. Every. Single. Time.

Izzy taught us that brave can be beautiful. That tough can be more than just whips and good looks. That tough has a place for heartache and that tough has a desire to be loved. She taught us to express ourselves and never, ever back down.

Maia, perhaps surprised me the most. She stepped up when no one expected her to. She put not only her pack, but the world first. She was wise beyond her years. She showed us how to move past guilt. She was amazing.

Raphael and Jonathan both showed us that people aren't always what they seem. That, given the chance, even the worst of people can be great people. They taught us that everyone should be given a second chance. Everyone should be allowed to prove themselves even if it's the last time they'll ever get the chance.

I could go on and on. Jordan and his unyielding service and bravery. Jocelyn and her ability to love a son that never was. Luke and his compassion and composure, even under the worst of circumstances. These characters will always stay with me. I'm so proud of what Cassie did with them.

Emma and Jules taught us you're never too young to be brave. I can't wait to see them shine. 

Let us not forget that "Brother Zachariah" (aka you-know-who) learned to live happily with grief, and was given a second chance to live that life. He never took his situation for granted and he was so wise. So brave. So loving. The same can be said for Tessa. The hand they were dealt wasn't ideal - but in the end, they were happy. They were happy with their memories, they were happy with life. That's a lesson that everyone can learn.

I hope you'll pick it up, and I hope I didn't spoil anything for you guys - I really try not to post spoilery reviews, but sometimes it's kinda hard not to!

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