Review: The Game Changer

The Game Changer by J. Sterling

The Game Changer is the second book in the Perfect Game series by J. Sterling. It follows the relationship rollercoaster that IS Jack and Cassie, and the dizziness and innate love that comes with being on that ride. You can read my review for The Perfect Game by clicking right cheeaaaa. (that's "here" for those who don't understand how weird my brain works.) 

I said it during The Perfect Game and I'll say it again: Jack Carter is a douche bag.... a big, adorable, sexy, beautiful, smart, funny douche bag. I wanna simultaneously smack him and hug him. (That sounded dirtier on paper than it did in my head.) Cassie on the other hand, I want to love forever and always. She and I are like one in the same (which I'm pretty sure means that Jenn Sterling is my long lost sister). So if you didn't fall in love with these two during the first book, then something is wrong with you if you don't fall in love with them during the second. (sorry, but it's a fact of life, it's impossible to hate Jack Carter, pretty sure it's more impossible to hate Cassie. Don't tell Jack.) 

Now, I've read some reviews where people were all like "well I don't know why there was another" and blah blah blah blah. Basically after they say "another" it sounds like the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoons. Why? because I totally see why she wrote another (and another). In The Perfect Game, we see Cassie make the decision on whether or not to forgive Jack for his mistakes, and we see what happens in the epilogue post making that decision. 

In The Game Changer, we get to see Jack tell his side of the story. Why did he take so long to apologize? Why didn't he call? Why didn't he write? These are all answers to questions I had at the end of the first book. On top of that, we get to see them struggle with things that Cassie just never had been exposed to before. Being the girlfriend of a major league baseball player is no easy task, and it comes with it's learning curves. So why is there another? Because there were unanswered questions. There was still a story to be told and I think you'll enjoy every single second of it. I think this is one of the first series of New Adult books that follows the same characters (as opposed to a series of stand alones that focuses on different characters each time) in which I've given a 5-star rating to every book. 

Plus, Jack is really quite hilarious in his own head and I really love reading his inner monologue. 

It is NOT suitable for YA audiences (like, I would say under 16 probably, maybe 17). That said, if you can handle some sexual scenes (NOT EROTICA) and some F-bombs (which I totally love) then pick up these books and enjoy yourself some Jack Fucking Carter!!!!!!! 

Sterling delivers another home run with The Game Changer!

You can drop Jenn a line or check out more about her at any of the links below: 

Side Note: Melissa gives Cassie this really cool necklace during The Game Changer, and when you read it you're gonna be like "that's genius and is it a real thing." Don't judge it til you read why she gets it and what you do with it once it's yours, but if you've read it and you want to know where you can get one, you can check out the jeweler's website HERE

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