Nashville Author Event: Author Spotlight: Rebecca Donovan


Lalone Marketing is hosting an author event in Nashville on June 7, and not only will we be there – but we’re sponsoring the event as the official blog sponsor! So if you can’t get to Nashville, don’t worry – we’ll have all things Nashville Author Event posted right here on this blog! You can also check out the other blog sponsor: Hesperia Loves Books. Between the two blogs we’ll be bringing you an author spotlight (+ a spotlight on Griffin Peterson) + giveaways for the next week and a half or so!

You can enter today's giveaway by visiting the official event facebook page HERE.  

Today’s author spotlight belongs to Rebecca Donovan!

Rebecca will have the following books available for purchase at the Nashville event: 
Reason to Breathe, Barely Breathing, Out of Breath

Optimism seeps from every pore of my body. I truly believe that what's supposed to happen... will! In that regard, I don't know how to give up; it's not part of my biological make up.

I'm a passionate (and some would say, overly enthusiastic) person. I learn by doing (and have been burned more times that I'd like to admit), but I will always throw my entire self into whatever I do - fail or succeed. 

I think this is evident when I write, leaving nothing behind and spilling it all out on the pages. I give it all to my readers - love it or hate it. 

The path I'm on is very often my own, veering off the beaten path at the sight of something more interesting or captivating, getting caught in the vines and thorns in order to experience the beauty and intrigue others often pass by. And I always meet the most interesting people along the way..

You can find Rebecca online at any of these links: 

You can enter today's giveaway by visiting the official event facebook page HERE

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