Review: The Selection

The Selection by Kiera Cass 

Okay, let me start this review by saying: I thought I would hate this book. I put it off forever because all I knew about it was there was a prince and some girls and come on already!..... I am so, so, so so sosososososososo (got it?) glad that I picked this book up and gave it a shot anyway. I FREAKING LOVE IT. 

The Selection is like a dystopian love story... with a super hot, sweet, adorable, amazing prince. It's set in the future, when the ole U.S.of A has had too many wars and not enough money - and we've run ourselves into the ground. The country is now separated into castes (you're either a 1 - basically royal, or you're a seven - basically homeless.. or you could be any of the numbers in between.) 

When there's an eligible prince in the royal family, a lot of girls is drawn from the country and brought into the palace. Think The Bachelor, with less sex, but all the same fake, annoying girls. Prince Maxon has just turned 19 and is now an eligible bachelor. 

Except, America Singer isn't all that excited and could care less about putting her name in the lottery to be the next princess. Sure, Maxon isn't bad to look at, but she's happy with the only love she's ever known. She understands the struggle of being "poor" but realizes she could be worse off. She's smart, she's talented, and really has not even one ounce of want to leave her family. 

Her family and friends don't feel the same way she does. Anyone who gets picked to go and get in the mix to be princess gets paid - a lot more than her family makes on their own. Her mother wants her to be the best she can be. How much better does it get than being princess? 
Apparently, being a princess isn't all it's cracked up to be, and when America gets picked to be among the 35 girls that Maxon is going to choose from, she finds out first hand. Pick up The Selection today and find out what happens next... I promise you'll be running right back to the book store to pick up the second book - The Elite

I quite literally devoured these books and have since been reading all the extra material and novellas I can get my hands on waiting desperately for the release of the third book - The One

I'm not alone!  responded to a tweet about the upcoming book today saying this: 

oh my gosh I'm so excited! I can't wait to get my hands on this book!! 

Me either, sister. And you shouldn't either. Check it out before the third book drops next week! (Pre-Order it here)
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