Review: Bitter Kingdom

Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson: Review by Ursula U. 

5 out of 5 stars
I don't even know where to start with this review, this book blew my mind away! It was better than I could have ever imagined it being. I had been looking forward to reading this book book ever since I finished reading The Girl of Fire and Thorns, I like putting some time between sequels its been a bit of a wait but very well worth it. Elisa was my pick for 2013 heroine of the year because well she just kicks all kinds of ass and she didnt disappoint in Crown of Embers and in Bitter Kingdom she definitely erased any doubt left out there (if there was any!) WOW! what an adventure! In Crown of Embers we are left very much hanging when Franco, the Invierno working for the Conde takes Hector to Invierne in the hopes that Elisa will follow trying to rescue him and exchange her life for his. 
In Bitter Kingdom we follow her journey to save Hector, she will make it all the way to Invierne were she will discover secrets she never even dreamed of, secrets that change everything, secrets that could be her doom but if well played could very well be her salvation and that off her people. 
Storm will turn out to be much more important than anyone thought he was in the land of Invierne and there will come the time when he will have to chose sides and prove where his loyalties really lie and whether it's really true that he is Elisa's loyal subject. 

Elisa will be reunited with Cosme and with her sister Elodia and a set of circumstances will grant her even more power than she ever thought she would have over the land, even when not everyone involved in the negotiations is exactly thrilled about the new arrangements, they will agree though given that there aren't many choices when civil war is a very real threat now that Elisa is not in Joya de Arena and the Conde has made sure to control The Guard and the other side the Invierne threaten to attack at any moment.
Often in trilogies the third book is the best because its the conclusion, where everything resolves and works itself out, I think that in this case its not just that but also the fact that Elisa finds her own strength and not because of what she bears within herself but because of who she is and the friendships that she has forged because of that, she will see when she finally completes God's service that being surrounded by those who love her and leaning on them was always the answer. Being chosen by God to bear the stone indeed made her unique but what made her really special was who she was as a person, her strength, her courage, her love, her compassion, her determination, her intelligence, her beauty and her passion. 
Bitter Kingdom tied every loose end in ways I didn't expect they would be tied up yet I was pleasantly surprised. Hector was brilliant and Storm was as much key as Elisa was, I don't think that Elisa would have accomplished everything she needed to accomplish without the help of Hector, Storm, Belen, Mara and Mula and I think that it was the way it's was supposed to be, Elisa was never meant to save the world all by herself, complete her service and die alone like everyone other Godstone bearer, Elisa was born to be great and great she was. She is most definitely one of my very favorite female characters of all time and the love story between her and Hector is one of the most romantic and hot stories ever, even though it took 3 books to get to it! 
Bravo Rae Carson your trilogy was nothing short of epic!
--Review by Ursula U.-- 

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  1. What an amazing trip Carson took me. I cannot wait to read more of her work, because she does such a stupendous job building her world and creating her characters. Bravo, Rae Carson!

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