Divergent Red Carpet Event + REVIEW

Divergent Screening + Red Carpet in Atlanta with Theo James and Shailene Woodley 

REVIEW (Spoiler Free if you've read the books

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Divergent was the absolute, hands down, best book-to-screen adaptation I have seen, ever. (Yes, even better than catching fire!) Shailene Woodley was absolutely amazing as Tris Prior. I can't say enough good things about her performance. Ansel Elgort was great as Caleb (seeing them together on screen, with their chemistry during really heartbreaking scenes, makes me look so forward to TFIOS), and the minor characters (Al, Will, Edward, Molly, etc) were all played superbly, especially in terms of Miles Teller, as Peter. If you've seen 'The Spectacular Now' with Miles and Shailene, you know that 1.  Miles is hilarious, and that 2. Shailene and Miles have amazing chemistry on film. This shows through so well in Divergent. Miles made Peter's jabs about Tris seem funny, even if they were mean, and Tris made him pay hard. Seriously, so good. 
I know you guys allllll wanna know about Theo so, here you go: 
Theo James first of all, off camera, IS Four (more on this below), but most importantly: on camera, Theo James is the perfect Four. He's hard at the right times, soft at the right. He's tender when he needs to be and downright mean when he's asserting his dominance to the initiates during training. I've never seen another character come to life as well as Theo brings Four to life. I can't wait for you to see it. 

I was sad to hear Neil Burger wouldn't be directing Insurgent before, and after seeing Divergent, I'm downright heartbroken that Neil won't be back as director on the sequel (though he will be back on the crew). His vision for this film couldn't have been better. There were minor tweaks to make it a little more futuristic, as far as decor, guns, etc, but it made sense. His version of a dystopian Chicago is breath taking. So, while we all love our characters, let's not forget the amazing job that Neil did bringing this to life (and of course never forget V Roth for making it happen in the first place). 

All in all, the sad parts were sadder (the deaths), and the happy parts were happier. Funny parts funnier, you see what I mean? You're gonna love this cast and crew. 
I took Katie (aka: MrsFangirlRN/Instagram) with me to help me photograph this amazing event, and here's what she had to say about the movie: 
You could add in something about "Divergent managed to bring the action scenes to life without looking too cheesy or staged." Because I was really impressed that the fight scenes didn't look too rehearsed. 

Also, I agree, whole heartedly, that the tragic scenes, while heartbreaking in the book were so well acted that you could feel the heart wrenching devastation course through you as though you were actually the one losing someone. 

Divergent was, overall, one of the most well thought out and detail oriented YA book to movie adaptations to date. They found the perfect balance between pleasing the fans by staying true to the books and including new initiates by explaining everything without bogging down the story in details! It was perfection! 

Here's the "more" on Theo off camera. I was lucky enough to talk to Theo for about a minute. It was rushed, I wasn't able to get a signature or a selfie, but I asked him an awesome question and his answer was brilliant. 

Went a little something like me going "THEOOOOO!" And him smiling and coming over, shaking my hand as I said "hi! I'm amber from grownupfangirl" and he says "oh!!! Hi!" (Now I know he doesn't know this site, but it was sweet of him to pretend to.) 
So I say: "Theo, if you could start your own faction in this world, what would it's base principles be? (Like, dauntless is bravery)" 
Theo says (now get ready to swoon.) that he would base his faction on morality, having good morals, and good character... But that people would get a pass if they (I'm quoting now) "effed up" (how adorable). Meanwhile I'm trying not to fall out because he's still holding my hand in a half shake type thing. 
I said "and no awkward sex!" (If you don't know Theo always makes jokes about awkward sex, or sex in general) and he laughed so hard and goes "definitely!! No awkward sex allowed!" At which point he got pulled away, but he smiled and winked and waved and he was amazing. 

We didn't get as chance to talk to Shai, but she looked amazing, and was so so sweet, standing in the cold to sign autographs for fans who didn't have tickets. 

I can't wait for you guys to experience the movie, and I can't wait to see it again! 

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(Stay tuned for more to come in the coming days. Special shoutout to YAhollywood and MrsFangirlRN for helping out with photo donation.)


Theo James beatboxing: 

Theo James and Shailene Woodley talk about challenging scenes to film:


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