Character Spotlight: Roth - White Hot Kiss (JLA)

I loved him SO much, I just have to do a character spotlight on the one and only ROTH!
If you don't know him yet, then I have no idea what you're waiting for.
Get up now, get your iPad, Kindle, or get in your car to go to the nearest bookstore and purchase White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout!

Roth is the ultimate bad boy who is just too sexy it should be a sin (and yet, maybe it is)!
He's incredibly charming, sarcastic, mysterious, dirty minded, has woo-hoo me eyes, confident and cocky, irresistibly sexy... need I say more?
Okay I will continue on then...
Being an upper-level demon and all, he has powers beyond belief. Not to mention his sexy man tattoos - one of them being a snake named Bambi (yes, she's awesome too) that comes off of his skin to help him battle.
We didn't know much about Roth at first because he just popped up out of no where and had a slight creeper feel to him - which I might add, didn't last long! Roth is one of those guys who has a hidden agenda with a past you can't quite ignore, but you can't quite get him out of your head.
Maybe it's because he as a way he's a professional flirt with a wide range of sexual innuendo's.
Maybe it's because he's so mysterious and you just want to find out what he's hiding (or what he's not... *wink wink*).
Maybe it's because he's just so unbelievably SWOON worthy, it's just freaking ridiculous.
Aside from all of his sexualness...
What I loved most about his character, is that he wanted to be different. He wanted to better himself but didn't quite know how or where to start.  Being born and raised in hell, Roth truly believed that nothing he could do could technically save his soul-less soul... until he meets Layla.
The growth of his character was amazing to read! JLA definitely outdid herself while writing not only the book,  but the characters as well.
Oh... and after  THAT ENDING...
What the hell! Holy cliff hangers of all cliff hangers!
And when I saw that Stone Cold Touch doesn't even come out until OCTOBER...
Roth... I just... I can't even...
/ i died and will come back to life in October.
Hats off to JLA for creating one of my top book boyfriends.

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