Review: Lovely, Dark, and Deep

Lovely, Dark, and Deep by Amy McNamara 
This book is another one of those books that you laugh and cry with... but I feel like you mostly cry. It's not a bad thing, though. When a book can make you feel emotions as strongly as this book did, the author is doing their job. Amy McNamara certainly does her job in 'Lovely, Dark, and Deep.' 
'Lovely, Dark, and Deep follows Wren (who used to be called Mamie, but just isn't that person anymore) after she goes through an insufferable loss. Many of my long time readers, know that books about loss really speak to me, because I went through a similar situation when I was 18. Reading about Wren - how she copes with death, how she tries to live - tries to survive, was like watching a home video of myself years ago. People ask me a lot: "why do you read books that are so sad?" The answer is simple really. I read these books because I want to remember. I never want to forget what it's like to lose... because it really helps me appreciate everything that I have to lose. 
I think it's important that we have authors who aren't afraid to talk about the things that happen in everyone's lives. Whether it's happening to you, or to someone you know, everyone has been touched by loss, by depression, and by the general feeling of not knowing how to cope. People think there's a right way to cope, when in reality - just getting by is sometimes the only way to survive. Amy McNamara isn't scared to talk about these things. She's not scared to talk about a love interest who has a disease that could cripple, if not kill him. She's not scared to talk about the kind of depression that feels like you're sinking into a hole you'll never be able to climb out of. Most of all though, she's not scared of showing you that no matter how bleak life seems - there is a way to live again. 
If you're looking for a gripping novel that will show you life is worth living, then make sure you pick up 'Lovely, Dark, and Deep' as soon as possible. If you're a fan of John Green, Rainbow Rowell, or Jandy Nelson, then you'll be a fan of Amy McNamara. This book is realistic and helpful - while being a work of fiction that you can get totally lost in. I highly recommend it - to readers of all ages! Happy Reading... and most importantly, Happy Growing!

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