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Excerpt: All Lined Up, By Cora Carmack

So, if you're new here, let me go ahead and get this introduction out of the way. New reader, meet Cora Carmack. Cora Carmack, meet new reader. Cora got me reading "new adult" or "contemporary romance" books last year. Her 'Losing It' series seriously kept me up for nights on end reading each book in less than 8 hours. They're impossible to put down. They're love stories that hit you right in the feels. They're not for everyone, though. While they're most definitely NOT erotica, they are for a more mature audience. This genre is written to target girls in their very late teens and twenties.. but like young adult lit, they speak to a wide range of people. So, because of Cora, I picked up books like Jennifer L. Armentrout's 'Wait For You' and Colleen Hoover's 'Hopeless'. Without Cora I may not have ever picked this stuff up, but man I'm so so glad I did. 
So, Cora has a new series coming out this year! The first book in the Rusk University Series - 'All Lined Up' is set to release May 13, 2014. You can stay tuned to for everything Rusk University related, including the cover of 'All Lined Up' which is coming soon! In the meantime, here's an excerpt from the new book that Cora recently shared on her blog

Don’t get distracted by a girl.
That’s Dad’s number one rule, and he’s probably right.
It’s going to take everything I have to keep my grades up here. And I don’t exactly have it easy on the field, considering I’m playing second string to Levi Abrams. The guy won two high school state championships, and still holds the high school state record for all-time leading passer. He was redshirted the year before last, his freshman year, and though he had decent numbers in his first season last year, the team as a whole had a disappointing year. 
Normally that might have given me a little hope.
But considering the university’s new coach was the one to coach Levi to those two state championships in high school, I figure I’m shit out of luck.
I’m sure one of the reasons he was hired was to get Levi back on his game.  
Which is why I give myself a break and let myself step a little closer to Dallas. I can afford to get distracted for one night. How much could it hurt?
“So what did that guy do to piss you off? You know…just so I don’t make the same mistake.”
“Unless you’re lying to me and trying to trick me into sleeping with you…you should be good.”
“So what if I’m up-front about trying to get you to sleep with me…Does that still get me yelled at?”
I expected a blush, but I don’t get one. Her face is carefully blank.
“I thought you weren’t trying to hook up with me.”
“Just keeping my options open. I like to be prepared for all possibilities.”
She rolls her eyes. “You can be as up-front as you want. I can promise I will be, too.”
There’s a devilish glint in her eye, and I wonder how many hearts this girl has broken with her honesty. Not that I’m worried about my heart. I’m more concerned with the hard-on I can’t get to subside with her so close to me.
“Then in the interests of honesty, I should say I’m trying really hard not to kiss you.”
She straightens, and the strand of hair she was lazily twirling drops from her grasp.
“Why would you tell me that?”
“So that when I slip up and break my promise, you’ll at least know I tried.”  

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