ARC Review: Perfect Lies

Perfect Lies (Mind Games No. 2) by Kiersten White 

I've been lucky enough to obtain an ARC for this book, but don't you worry, you can get your hands on it on Feb. 18, that's not so far away! I'll give you some goods to keep you going until then. 

Perfect Lies starts off where Mind Games ended. We're thrown immediately into the mix and what is the new life of James and Fia.. and Annie, Adam, and Cole. It's no less confusing than Mind Games was, but it's because so much is going on. So again I'll say: Pay attention when you read this book, or you'll find yourself lost and hating it.. and really, what fun is that?
Fia can't plan a thing. Why? Because the Seers and the Feelers and the Readers will know. So everything she does, she does last minute on instinct. She's just so lucky, that after the things she's had to do to save Annie, she has James. Oh James. I thought he was so good for her, but sometimes I think good is relative. I hope that later James is the person I want him to be, and not the person he seems to be. 
Fia has been slowly losing it in most of this book, and it's heart breaking to read... but the person she least expected to save her from a most certain gruesome death, will be the one who will right her wrongs and get her back on the right track. Fia makes some risky choices, just to get by, when she's on the brink of seriously losing her shit. but what I love about this book, about the series really, is that you are very much in the characters heads. If you've read Tahereh Mafi's Shatter Me series, it's a lot like that. You feel at times like you're either reading Juliette's journal or you ARE Juliette.. Mind Games and Perfect Lies does the same thing. I feel like I've either been a seer/reader/feeler feeding off the emotions that Fia puts out, or I'm Fia, and I'm losing it.. and the only way I know how to fix it is to dance. 
I'm a little bummed because sweet James... don't worry, I'm not gonna tell you what happens. I'm just bummed, and I'm ready for the next installment to see if it's true. If he's really that person. If he really just gives up. (trust me this babbling will make sense to you when you read the books). So yeah, I know this is rambly. It's 1:15 am and I just had to write about these books, because I loved them... they made me a little scatter brained, but I loved them. 

I hope everyone takes the time to pick up the second book in the Mind Games series and that you give it a spin. I think you'll find that it's pretty freaking good (AND TURN THAT TV OFF!) 

PS: We're still taking questions for not only Kiersten White but also Sophie Jordan, Veronica Rossi, and Tahereh Mafi. We will be at the TN, and LA stops, and we hope to see you there! Please submit your questions, and please come say hi! We can't wait to meet your beautiful faces! 

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