An Excerpt: Sugar Kisses + A Giveaway

Sugar Kisses by Addison Moore: Read an Excerpt!

Earlier this week, we helped celebrate the release of 'Sugar Kisses' by Addison Moore, and now we're bring you an excerpt, in case you still aren't sure! Check it out!
Title: Sugar Kisses
Series: 3:AM Kisses #3
Author: Addison Moore
Publication Date: February 11, 2014
Summary: Sugar Kisses—nothing tastes sweeter than revenge…
Roxy Capwell couldn’t be more miserable. She just had her heart stomped on by her cheating boyfriend, and the last thing she’s looking for is love. She hates men.

Cole Brighton couldn’t be happier. He’s a player of the highest order, there’s not a girl at Whitney Briggs University that he can’t tag and bag. He loves the ladies.

Roxy’s dream is to own and operate her own bakery one day, but with no oven in her dorm, and a lucrative baking competition on the horizon, she agrees to move in with her best friend’s brother, the obnoxious, womanizing, Cole Brighton.

Between the heavenly scent of baked goods, and Roxy’s perfect body strutting around the apartment, Cole can’t think straight. So when Roxy’s ex starts sniffing around again, Cole volunteers to play the part of her new boy-toy and things get heated both in and out of the kitchen.

Roxy discovers she might not hate every man on the planet, and Cole discovers nothing tastes better than Roxy and her late night SUGAR KISSES.

Roxy is ball of stress and anger.

Cole is all ego and sex.

Their attraction is unstoppable.

And when their bodies collide—it's combustible.
Roxy’s POV
A quasi-familiar face pops up beside Bryson and flashes a million-watt smile at us.
“What’s going on?” The tall, dark, and handsome, buffed out, green-eyed sex God rumbles the words out. “Hey.” He holds out a hand, and his dimples dig in deep as he grins at me. “It’s about time I get to see my new roommate.” The red neon from the Black Bear sign catches his skin and lights up the left side of his face like a warning. His full lips demand my attention, and, for a moment, the rest of the room disappears, taking all the noise and dizzying hormones along with it—it’s only Cole and me standing in a vacuum. It feels safe this way, comfortable.
Roxy’s POV
“Shut up and kiss me.” I pull Cole in by the back of the neck, slamming my lips to his, and I go for it. I swallow him whole, swirl my tongue around his mouth as if I were taking up residence, then something in me loosens, and I surrender as he digs his fingers into my waist, his tongue roaming freely in my mouth, slow and deliberate. A soft moan gets locked in my throat as I wrap my arms around his neck and press my body up against the wall of granite that is his chest. It’s as if I had found a wormhole in this desperate
universe I’m wallowing in, and now I’m transported to some fantastical place I’ve only heard about, and, ironically enough, the portal was right here through Cole’s mouth.

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