Review: Through The Ever Night

Through The Ever Night by Veronica Rossi 

Review by Ursula

5 out 5 stars

This book was sooooooo good! I was already in love with this series after finishing Under The Never Sky... The character and world building in this story by Veronica Rossi are absolutely amazing!

We are left off with Aria being taken to Reverie by the Dwellers when she goes searching for her mom in the Pod and finds that she was too late. 
Perry is now the Blood Lord of the Tides and needs to find the Still Blue because their time of being safe in the outside is running out, food is running out and the Aether storms are only getting worse. 
Aria will strike a deal with Hess, and go out searching for the Still Blue in exchange for releasing Talon.
Peregrine will soon find out about Aria is out and will go searching for her but things will be tough for them because he is now Blood Lord and as such he is in charge of his whole tribe and after Vale traded Talon and Clara to the dwellers for food, chances that the tribe will warm up to Aria are slim to none. Perry’s advisor and guard Reef will warn him as much.
Perry will have to face the consequences later of having brought Aria to stay with them at the compound, and Aria will have to make the decision as to whether she is helping or hindering things by staying with Perry and will have to chose in between going after the Still Blue or staying with Perry. 
It is known that Sable knows the location of the Still Blue and that’s where they must head is they have any hope of finding it. In their search for answers about the Still Blue location they will find Liv as well though it may not be the happy reunion Roar was expecting.

The journey to Rim puts the spotlight on the friendship between Aria and Roar and I just gotta say that I love their relationship as much as I love Aria’s relationship with Perry and I feel it is as important to the integrity of the story. Roar and Aria have a deep connection and they understand and love each other which makes them more than just best friends, it almost makes them family even as different as they are. When one suffers the other does as well.

Through The Ever Night was so hard to put down, it kept me at the edge of my seat, dodging unexpected Aether storms right there with them. Their journey is full of trials, Aria’s, Roar’s and Perry’s and it will all come down to perseverance and hope and help from friends and some unlikely allies.
Cinder will find himself at the center of things and we will finally see why his power of controlling the Aether is so important, valuable and deadly. This book was for me more than about love it was about friendship and trust. Beautifully delivered sequel!

Stay Tuned for Ursula's review of Into The Still Blue - the last book in this trilogy - here's a hint: I've finished the book, and I freaking loved it. You will too. Don't forget that we are taking your questions for this author (Veronica Rossi) as well as: Tahereh Mafi, Kiersten White, and Sophie Jordan! We will be talking with them on their Dark Days Tour and would love to pass along your feedback! If you have them, - or you can leave them in a comment, tweet us, or even drop us a comment on instagram or message us on Tumblr! Lots of ways to get your questions in, don't let the opportunity pass you by! 

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