Review: Foreplay, The Ivy Chronicles #1

Foreplay (The Ivy Chronicles #1) by Sophie Jordan

Okay, so if you're not intrigued after seeing that too-hot-for-tv cover, then.. keep reading. (I know we're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover but GOOD LAWD). 
Foreplay (the first book in The Ivy Chronicles) by Sophie Jordan is more than just a steamy romance book with scenes that are NOT suitable for the less mature audience.. as in, if this were a movie, it would be Rated R. Got me? okay. Good. The book follows a young woman, Pepper, who's just really not as.. uh.. .. experienced? yeah.. as her roommates. She wants to be, so she can nab the guy she's swooned over as long as she can remember: her best friend's brother. 

What better way to fix her.. err.. problem.. than to head out to the hotspot in town with her more than experienced roomie and find a guy that's down to show her the ropes? Well.. there's that whole he's-hotter-than-the-sun-too-hot-too-handle thing... and there's that whole "oh crap I forgot how shy I am" thing, too. 

Enter Reece. Yeah, even his name is hot. He's a bad boy, or at least, he tries to be.. and thinks he is. He has this sexy tattoo (ya'll know I just can't say no to hot boys with tattoos), and he's more than willing to show Pepper a thing or two about, well, foreplay. But what happens when Pepper finally gets her shot at Hunter... and realizes it's not what she thought she wanted? What happens when Reece isn't the guy he's rumored to be? Well... It's love, but you should really read it to find out the kind of love I'm talking about... because it's so steamy I can't even write about it without turning a little red.. i just wanna love him.. a lot... and .. okay. anyway.. just trust me. read the book. okay? OKAY! 

You may recognize the name of the author of this book Sophie Jordan is a widely known author for everything from YA to those corny romance novels your grandma probably reads (hey, someone has to. I can't even lie. I probably will too). She's written the Firelight series (read the review of Firelight by clicking here) and she's got a new YA book coming out this winter, Uninvited...but here's the really great, awesome, fantastic news: (hey! that's us!) will be covering the Darkest Days tour where Sophie will be stopping by, (along with Tahereh Mafi, Veronica Rossi, and Kiersten White).. and we're taking YOUR questions to the authors! Have a question for Sophie Jordan or any of the other authors? Email them to by Feb. 15, 2014... and there's a rumor we may even bring some goodies back to giveaway! (ya'll be sure to thank Harper Collins for that!) YAY! ... stay tuned loves. 

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how bout one more for the road? yes. yes. 
I think there should be a character spotlight on Reece soon.. don't you? (yeah yeah i know he's supposed to blondish. It doesn't matter. 

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