Fandom Tattoos!

Cheers to the fangirl + tattoo community! I recently requested pictures of your fandom tattoos on my instagram. (don't follow me? you should...I'm a lot of fun! Click here to follow now and join us!) You guys delivered ten fold. I've picked some of my favorites, along with my own to showcase here.. because not only are grownups fangirls...but we're tattooed too.. and I just love that.

Here are mine, along with a closeup of one of my most recent ones, that I'm so so proud of... 

Here are Ursula's fandom tattoos: 

Do you have fandom tattoos? Email them to me, I'd love to see them! Can you tell what fandoms Ursula and I have tattooed on our bodies? What about my instagram followers? Have a good day guys!

Thanks to the instagram followers below for sending me their beautiful pieces!

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