Author Spotlight: Lauren Oliver

When I sat down and asked Lauren Oliver all of your burning questions...

Lauren Oliver is a NYT Best Selling author who's penned everything from middle grade reads, to young adult hits, and is now getting her feet wet with her first adult novel to release this fall. She has inspired tattoos on my body, a will to keep going when nothing feels right, and has brought readers to the bottom of the feels bucket in her Delirium series. Check out what she had to say when I sat down and asked her your questions! 

Hi Lauren! I can't even begin to imagine how busy you stay, so thank you so much for stopping by to chat with us for just a few minutes! My followers have a ton of questions, I hope you're ready! 

Amber: I would say about 9 out of 10 people who sent me questions asked about the ending of Delirium. I know you've talked about it a lot, but in the hopes of not sounding like a broken record, the readers wanna know: Why did you leave Delirium so open ended? Would you ever go back and add to it? (Personally: I like being able to draw my own conclusions, but how did she choose!?) 

--Lauren: I really have no plans to write more in the Delirium world. There's just too many other worlds that need to be explored! I actually made a video right after Requiem came out where I talk about the ending. You can view it HERE
Amber:  What's your writing process like? Are there any quirks that you have when it comes to writing?

--Lauren: I don't know if it's a "quirk," but I do write at least 1000 words every day. 

Amber: @shadowhunterrus asks: Out of the books you've written, which character was your favorite to develop?

--Lauren: There are so many, but I really loved writing Po in my Middle Grade story Liesl & Po, who is so sweet and wise, and I was surprised by how much I came to love writing Raven in the Deirium series. 

Amber: @thefeelssociety asks: What was your biggest struggle getting into the writing field? What do you have to do to stay true to yourself and your writing when dealing with publishers and editors? 

--Lauren: Writing is a very difficult, and sometimes very frustrating job even when you're already "in," although it can also be very rewarding. It's really a balancing act, of discovering who you are as a writer, while learning to take criticism and feedback. You have to keep the faith in yourself, but be open to change and suggestions. 

Amber: What are you most excited about for your career in 2014? (Don't PANIC.) 

--Lauren: I'm SO excited for Panic! It's finally starting to seem real now that it's available to pre-order! I'm also very excited for my first adult novel Rooms, which is coming out this fall!

Amber: If you had to pick any one book from the Delirium series as your favorite, the one that represents the series the best, which one would it be? 

--Lauren: Hmmm, that's really hard to chose! I loved watching meeting Alex and Lena and their world in Delirium,  how strong Lena got over the course of Pandy and getting to know Julian, and I'm really really proud of the end of Requiem. 
Amber: Many followers want to know what happened with the Delirium TV show and fox? Are there other options for bringing Delirium to the big (or small) screen still available?

--Lauren: We're working on getting the rights back from Fox now, hopefully Delirium will make it to a screen someday!

Amber: @danielvazqueez asks: How do you feel about Before I Fall's 4th birthday/Anniversary? 

--Lauren: Wow... four years! That's so crazy! It's been an amazing adventure. 

Amber: This or That
Q: Coffee or tea?
A: coffee generally.

Q: Alex or Julian? (SORRY GUYS I TRIED! haha!!) 
A: nope, not picking!

Q: Panic or don't?
A: I really try not to!

Q: Ebook or physical copy?
A: Both!

Q: Tattoos or Piercings?
A: Tattoos!

Just some randoms: 

Amber: What is your favorite book or series written by other authors?

--Lauren: Impossible! I love so many books.

Amber: If you could pick any fictional character to be your bestie, who would it be?

--Lauren: Maybe Matilda from the Roald Dahl book. She's really smart, loves reading, and might have awesome telekinetic powers!

Amber: If fictional characters were real, who would be your nemesis?

--Lauren: Voldemort. Because he's crazy evil. 

Amber: Tell us something that's on your bookshelf that people may be surprised to find there. 

--Lauren: I read a lot of math and science books!

Amber: You have been picked as tribute in the hunger games, the twist. You can choose to take any one item  you choose into the arena. What do you choose?

--Lauren: I'd like to say something that would help me fight the system, like Katniss, but I'd probably be too chicken and just want to take some kind of mini guided missile system. 

Amber: If you lived in the world of Delirium, would you run, or would you go with the process and be cured? 

--Lauren: I really hope I'd have the strength to run into the woods and hang with Lena and Alex and Julian.

Make sure you take a few minutes to check out Lauren Oliver at her website or catch up with her on her tumblr... make sure you say thanks for stopping by and answering your questions...or just tell her how amazing she is! 

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