Review: Seven Day Fiance + a Giveaway

Seven Day Fiance by Rachel Harris 

I've been lucky enough to read yet another steamy romance book (but really, it's suitable for most ages, it's not raunchy at all, but it IS steaaaaahaaammyyyy). This one by Rachel Harris who comes to you guys via the great state of Louisiana (geaux tigers).

It was so nice to be able to read something that I could seriously plant myself into. Reading this book was like walking down an old dirt road back home in Mississippi, or visiting the family in Louisiana. It's so refreshing to read a book that has such great imagery that I feel like I'm literally living back home again, and let's face it - Rachel made me a little home sick for some hot food and hot boys. You guys know how I feel about any author who can illicit a reaction, and Rachel does an amazing job at making your heart feel like it's going to explode. 
The main character in this book, Angelle, is in her later 20's, but she's not done learning who she is. (I don't know if we ever really are.) She's taking chances and becoming a person no one thought she could ever be. These chances bring her to a small town right outside of New Orleans (her intended destination) where she overcomes fears and makes dreams come true. She becomes a firefighter while making a new group of friends that she really clicks with, even though they couldn't be more different from each other. Those friends, happen to have a hot brother who likes to raise a lot of Cane (which also happens to be his beautiful name). He's a playboy, he doesn't do commitment. He does do one night stands, and he does do cockiness, and man does he EVER do tattoos. 
Angelle puts herself in quite a predicament by deciding to lie to her parents to prove that she's doing just fine without her ex, the only guy she's ever really dated. She tells them she met this awesome guy who's just the best thing since fried rice (which is pretty amazing) and that they're going to the chapel and they're gonna get marrriiiiiedddd-- sorry. So, she does what any girl would do in this situation. She wins Cane at an auction and propositions him (not for that you dirty birds). He agrees and well, the rest - you need to read for yourself. However, I'm not responsible for your exploding ovaries or heart. Seriously enjoyed this read. I read it in less than a day. It's part of a series (Love and Games), but you don't have to read the series in any particular order. Enjoy ladies (and guys...)

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  2. I'm most looking forward to Breakable by Tammara Webber and Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins!


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