Book Review: Paper Towns

Paper Towns by John Green 

Paper Towns is another epic, beautiful book written by the writing god that is John Green. I seriously love everything this man writes (even when it makes me sob my eyes out.) About halfway through this book I got a heavy feeling in my bones like "oh god. no. not another one. Please no more tears." Thankfully, the John Green gods answered my prayers and didn't make me cry (at least not in comparison to Looking For Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars). 
Paper Towns is about a group of seemingly unrelated teenagers in a suburb of the great Orlando, FL. It centers around Quentin (aka "Q") and his group of hilarious friends Ben (who has huge balls) and Radar (the token black kid.) who eventually get girlfriends and find love and do all kinds of other fun stuff, but not before going on a journey led in all sorts of weird ways by the love of Q's life: Margo Roth Spiegelman. (token popular girl) You can't just call her Margo. It's Margo Roth Spiegelman. Said any other way, it's just a name. Margo and Q grew up together. Went through what most would call a pretty traumatic happening, kind of lost touch even though they lived across the street, only to be brought together through the weirdest of circumstance. (You can thank Margo Roth Spiegelman for that circumstance.)

Margo, unknowingly, teaches this whole group about living, while she's trying to find herself, and in turn - they're trying to find her. As usual with John Green books there is a huge plethora of awesome quotes that you'll want to keep forever and always and you'll want to share them with all your friends. The ending makes me want more. A sequel where the book picks up later after these two characters have done some living and learning and are different people than they are in Paper Towns.

I say all these things to say that I loved the book. I love John Green in a way that you can love someone without ever knowing them, and you should read anything you can get your hands on that he writes. He is amazing. 
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  1. I loved Paper Towns! You should watch TheBookTuber's latest video. It's called How To Read A John Green Book and it's hilarious!


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