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Book Review: Sinnerman by Jonathan Cook

Sinnerman is a book about a teacher in a small town, about love, and about what happens when small town ideas try to stand in the way of things that seem (but actually aren't) taboo. I really enjoyed this read. If you like the style of writing that you read when you pick up a John Green book, or a David Levithan book, then you will love Jonathan Cook's writing style as well. 

It's very witty, and the characters have amazing depth. It's a pretty realistic read, one that I couldn't put down. There's no magical element, no twisted plot, or anything crazy going on, and it works well. You'll feel like you're reading about someone you know. At times you'll even feel like maybe you're prying in on their personal journal. 

Jonathan shows that love doesn't have to fit everyone's opinion of what it should be. Love doesn't have to be in any parameters. Love just is. Sometimes you have to fight for it. Sometimes you have to let it go to realize you need it. Sometimes you don't even know what hit you until you're so far in that there's no going back. Jonathan does an amazing job at helping a reader walk away knowing that love may not always "conquer" all, but love always wins. 

Young adults and Adults alike will love this book! Happy Reading!! 

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Details of Sinnerman
Publication Date: February 14, 2013
Category/Genre: Literary Fiction, Romance, Coming of Age
Tour Date: Mid-October/November, 2013
Available in: Print & ebook, 185 Pages
“Love makes sinners of us all.”
In the sleepy Midwestern town of Vespers…
In the sweltering summer heat…
Julian Sane, high school teacher and cad’s cad, is a man at war with himself. But a chance encounter with a former student will push him across professional boundaries and force him to confront his personal demons.
From the author of YOUTH AND OTHER FICTIONS comes a love story for those who live in the real world, where love does not conquer all and actions do have consequences.
Note: SINNERMAN has attracted some controversy in Jonathan M. Cook’s  hometown due to a number of similarities between events in the book and actual events in the community over the past several years. This book is a work of fiction!


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