Review: Finding It by Cora Carmack

Finding It by Cora Carmack, a Review. 

Just before we get started, let me remind you: You can STILL get this SIGNED FIRST EDITION at some targets nationwide. Cora personally signed like a gajillion title pages and they're printed in the books. This isn't some mass market copy of her signature. It's the real deal! So head over to your local target to see if they still have any in stock!! 
Okay now on to the review. You know, what you came here for and stuff. 

Finding It is the last book (last full book) in the wonderful, beautiful, series that got me hooked into "New Adult" literature. The first books: Losing it, and Faking it can be read before or after, but they can also be read as stand alone novels. I just don't recommend it because Cora is like.. amazing and stuff. 
Finding It takes place when a young 20-something year old Kelsey takes a trip to find herself. Like most girls in college, she doesn't have any answers. She doesn't know what she wants to "be" when she grows up, she's tired of drinking to be numb to the pain she's felt in her past, and mostly, she's just TIRED. I don't mean tired like "man I could use some sleep!" (though she probably could use that too). I mean the kind of tired that only a life changing experience wakes you up from. 

Enter Jackson Hunt. The Military man who makes Kelsey question everything she thought she knew....or didn't know. He's mysterious, sexy, and he's just out of her grasp. The rest, as they say, is history. But not the kind that skips the problems and the climax like those books you wrote in first grade (that's a Ransom Riggs reference... thanks YALLfest). I can't tell you the climax (and not just the sexual one, I'm talking about the story you dirty birds) but I can tell you that if you visit Cora's FACEBOOK you can read an excerpt. So if you like it, please buy it. Support Cora. She deserves it! You can find the reviews of Losing It and Faking It (Some of the first I ever wrote) by clicking HERE. You can view the cover reveal for Seeking Her (the novella that goes with this book) by clicking HEREHappy Reading. 

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