Fictional Friend Friday Vol 1

Another new feature, guys! 
This feature is to post our favorite fictional friends, who we would ideally cast if a movie were to be made, or anything else fun that we think you should know about our favorite fictional friends. We also run this one on our Instagram, so join in on the fun for Fictional Friend Friday!

Fictional Friend Friday, Vol 1

Amber's Fictional Friend Friday this week is Alex from The Hallowed Ones (okay, she's on a bit of a Laura Bickle kick. You will be too after you pick up her books.) 

*Angels sing in the background*
Things you should know about Alex: 
- He's incredibly smart. 
- He's Canadian (eh) 
- He has some pretty hot ink.
- He loves cute nicknames. 
(Let's just leave "steamy hot" out of it for now. okay.) 
This model's name is Mikkel Jensen, and he's a pretty good idea of how Alex looks in my head. Have you read the book? What do you think? Who's your Alex? 


Kameron is diggen' Ian O'Shea (The Host) this week.

*Even more angels sing because he's hotter than Amber's pick*
     For starters, excuse the hecky out of you, Ian, for being so gosh darn perfect.  First, you show kindness towards a member of the alien species trying to take over your race.  Then, either because you genuinely like breaking the hearts of thousands of teenage girls and boys, or because you love the monstrous sound of the whole population of the earth crying all at once, you fall in LOVE with her!
     But for real, though, Ian has everything I'm looking for in a friend.  He's loyal, loving, and he won't care if you hog the blankets while you cuddle.  He'd be more concerned for keeping you warm and safe than his freezing nipples digging into your back...Ian, what do you do to me??  I just feel like he'd be the kind of friend you could sit on your bedroom floor with and talk about everything and nothing.  Then he'd fall in love with you, and you'd have lots of little O'Shea's running around the house.  

Me: *cries because I have no friends*

Let us know in the comments who you're thinking about this week!  Or don't, we're flexible.  Not that way.  But for Ian, maybe...

Well, this was fun!  Stay tuned for Monday's latest Book Tag!

-Grownup Fangirl

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