Quick Reads Review - Eternal, Kristi Cook + a GIVEAWAY!

Eternal (Winterhaven No. 3)  by Kristi Cook

Winterhaven Series
If you haven't read any of the Winterhaven Series by Kristi Cook, you're seriously missing out. With a bit of magic, some paranormal lovin', and lots and lots of psychic empaths - there's literally something for everyone in this series. 

Kristi Cook hails from The University of Southern Mississippi and I couldn't be prouder to say that I also went to school there. It's people like her who make USM proud. She is set to release the third and final book in the Winterhaven Series, and has another take on a great romance we all know on deck. (Romeo, Romeo, Where art thou?!) 
So, before you check out the last installment of Winterhaven, make sure you check out their predecessors: Haven and Mirage. You won't be disappointed. (You can see the Quick Reads Review on them HERE.)

Eternal picks up where Mirage left off. You know we don't do spoilers here so I'll leave it at that so that anyone who hasn't read the series can still enjoy reading. Aiden (who is the ultra hot male lead in this series) is constantly breaking my heart - though not on purpose - and that continues in Eternal. Add Matthew to the mix (which is just so very complicated in it's own right) and tons of angry vampires - and you've got yourself a war brewing. Never to fear though, Violet has her "family" of close knit friends who support her through thick and thin (mostly thick, it seems). As soon as you think this love triangle couldn't get any weirder, any more intense, or any deeper: it does. The end to this series blew me away. I seriously wasn't expecting it, and we all love books that break the mold. One of my favorite series to date, and I really think you should check it out. Happy Reading Winterhaven Warriors!

You can buy any of the books in the series at the following locations:
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Get in touch with Kristi! 

Don't forget to pick up Eternal on September 3! You can Pre-order it at many of the locations where books are sold! 

Oh, you probably want to know about that giveaway right? I've got you all ready to go. Enter below to win this "Violet's Destiny" necklace! (It's absolutely gorgeous, and a $195 value. cha-ching!)
Contest ends 9/2/13 at 10:00 am EST.
Open Internationally! Good Luck!


  1. I love paranormal! I have the first book with me.. Need to get around to reading it!

  2. I heard so many good things about Kristi's books but I haven't read none yet. I'll put down on my wishlist.


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