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Blogger Spotlight: What A Nerd Girl Says (dot com)

Our first blog in the NEW blogger spotlight feature is one of my favorite blogs out there! It's a bit of a Q & A type thing, you'll enjoy. I promise. (And I never break my promises....) Wanna be featured? . So, with that little intro, let's all have a look at the awesome person behind

Also, it's wise for me to add here, that where I'm speaking - you'll see "GFG" and where Sara answers, you'll see "WANGS" which is just too funny for words. I can't ... I'm not even sorry. 

 GFG: Describe yourself in five sentences or less. 

WANGS: Okay, I can do this. (That doesn't count and neither does this). Well, my name is Sara and I'm a college student, a writer, and a HUGE reader. I spend most of my time writing or reading or working on my blog and watching movies and TV. I have six tattoos: 4 Harry Potter, 1 Star Wars and 1 Mortal Instruments and I plan on getting more. I love reading more than anything else in this world. (See? I told you see was awesome. She has fandom tattoos like me - Automatic Win.) 

GFG: 2. What's your fave book/books/book series? 

WANGS: This is a hard one because I could probably go for a hundred years. Let's see: Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments, Tortall books by Tamora Pierce, The Infernal Devices, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, Gone with the Wind, anything by Sarah Dessen, Meg Cabot or Morgan Matson, Divergent series, The Hunger Games series, The Legend series…I literally could do this ALL day. (me too, I think this qualifies as a reading obsession? Oh well. At least I'm not alone.) 

GFG: What would I be surprised to find in your refrigerator or pantry right this second?

WANGS: Well, I live at home with my dad, grandma, uncle, three brothers and two sisters so most of the fridge would be their food. However, if there was a fridge for myself? Lots of Dr Pepper? Pizza? I don't know, I seriously LOVE food. (After reading about who she lived with, I was really hoping for something juicy. Dentures? Okay. so people don't keep those in the fridge.. STILL.) 

GFG:  how bout your bookshelf? any surprises there?

WANGS: People are always surprised to see the Twilight series there, because I tend to not talk highly of it. But what they don't know is, I DO like it, but I don't recognize it as a good piece of literature haha. I just think its a fun, fluffy read. (I'm with you. Twilight is what got me back into the reading game, after a long break.. hey don't judge me. Partying in college is hard work.) 

GFG: Fictional boyfriends?... girlfriends? 

WANGS: Fictional boyfriends? Jace Wayland Morgenstern Herondale Lightwood and Alec Lightwood from TMI, Will Herondale from TID, Han Solo from Star Wars, Sirius Black from Harry Potter, The Doctor from Doctor Who, Han Alister from the Seven Realms Series, Tony Stark from Ironman, Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock, Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind, Michael Moscovitz from Princess Diaries, and I need to stop.

I have a few fictional girlfriends too: Caroline from The Vampire Diaries, Isabelle Lightwood from TMI, and Tessa Gray from TID (Personally, I'm SO GLAD I'm not the only one with both boyfriends AND girlfriends) 

GFG:  Have any crazy fangirl stories? 

WANGS: Hmmm, not really any crazy ones. Okay, I have kind of one. A couple weeks ago when I was at the Los Angeles premiere of City of Bones, myself and my friend Sylvia (from FanGirlFeeels) were the first ones in line in the fan camp. We wake up super early on the day of the premiere, SO tired, after sleeping in camping chairs on the sidewalk and we see a tweet from Kevin Zegers (who plays Alec Lightwood) is on his way, with cookies for the fans in the fan camp. Us and some of the friends we made, go into panic mode and start brushing our hair and swigging mouth wash. Of course, as Kevin walks up, we all have our mouths full of mouth wash, cheeks all puffed up. When he goes to hug this other girl, we all turn and spit in the bushes, and then turn to him, smiles wide, like nothing had even happened. It was both hilarious and embarrassing and something I won't forget. The whole TMI premiere was a great experience. (I am so jealous of this.. there's really nothing else to say.) 
oh and she met JCB (among the rest of our adoring cast. Jealous yet?) 

GFG: Speaking of, favorite thing about being a fangirl? 

ummm I really want those Rune Decals.
WANGS: Hmmm. One thing would be being able to meet all these authors that I love so much. Oh my god, I love that. Authors are rock stars to me. I get all nervous in front of them in ways that I don't in front of famous actors and such. I lose it with authors haha. The other thing would be meeting other fangirls :) I LOVE meeting people who just get it! They understand! (We do. The only people I fangirl for as hard as authors are the boys of NSYNC. Yep, I went there. I'm allowed. I'm a grown up. I do what I want.)

Sara and friends: Ontario Teen Bookfest

About the Blog

When I asked Sara to describe her blog, here's what she said: 
"What A Nerd Girl Says started in a few ways. First off, my friend Jackie had this SERIOUSLY awesome blog, Seeking Bazinga, and I thought, well, I could do that, couldn't I? Then I was taking Children's Lit in college and we did this whole section of YA and we had to write all these journals about YA and stuff, and again I thought, wow, I LOVE talking about YA and I love standing up for it, and showing the world how legitimate YA is. So yeah, that's how it was born. Now its been over a year and I do book reviews, movie reviews, I do Tuesday Top Tens, I feature different randoms. My blog is more about fandom opinion and mostly, fan experience. I'm not a fan site, and I don't give you all the news haha but I love to talk books and movies and TV shows and that's where the blog comes in."

What A Nerd Girl Says also features: Contests, A Schedule of US Book Events, and more! 

"Here at WhataNerdGirlSays, I have one rule. This is a rule that is enforced on this page, the Facebook page, the Twitter page and the Tumblr page. I honestly think this rule should be enforced all across the board. But I digress.
And the rule is this:
We show respect to all nerds, geeks and dorks out there. No matter what fandom a person may like, you show respect and acceptance and tolerance. We are not always going to agree and that’s okay. We’re not always going to like the same fandoms and that’s okay too.
But we show RESPECT.
Respect is the number one rule.
I will not tolerate disrespect.
If there is one thing that I have learned from the many fandoms that I love, its this: we need to show tolerance and acceptance and respect for everyone. Its that we need to work together. There are always different forces fighting each other or disagreeing with each other and its only when they band together that things work out.
And that’s what I believe. Nerds unite. All fandoms should get along and respect each other, even if they don’t necessarily always agree."

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