Losing It/Faking It, Quick Reads Review

Losing It - I read this book in one night. Yeah, the whole thing. It’s nice to read a YA (i would call this new adult though to be safe) book that’s not so.. Young. Bravo!!! I will be reading more of Cora Carmack, and you should too.

Faking It - Cora Carmack does it again with FAKING IT (Losing it number 2). This book is full of witty humor that covers some not so funny subject matter all while catching you up on some of those characters you fell in love with (or maybe you fell in hate with) in LOSING IT. This series it the ultimate for any 20-something-girl who needs a laugh (and some steamy romance). Bravo again, Cora!


  1. Gosh I so need to read this series! I love that you said "for any 20-something-girl who needs a laugh (and some steamy romance)"...that's just what I want hehe!

    New Bloglovin & GFC follower :)

    Amy @ The Reading Realm

  2. haha Amy, you'll love it. Cora won't disappoint. I seriously fangirled when I saw her book in hard copy for the first time. I Heart that lady!


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