The Journey: a birth story

11:01 AM

We induced at 4 am, started pitocin and i prepared for the worst. However,I handled th pitocin contracions without any additional meds. Dr. came in around 7am and broke my water, at which point, I requested an epidural.Got my epidural within 15 minutes and let me tell you...longest 15 minutes ever. Water breaking = yowza contractions. Got my epidural and cath placed then got a few baby naps here nd there. Once I was dilated and effaced, we started pushing. I would push so hard, and the dr and nurses could see lola's head with every push. But, my contractions were in a weird, funky pattern so I'd do lots of work to get her down, then I wouldn't have a contraction for 3 minutes and she would go back up into the canal. Dr then did an episiotomy to give Lola more room and started using the vacuum to get her out. Unfortunately, that didn't work either. Baby wasn't handling labor well, but up until now had been recoring okay. All of the sudden, her heart slowed way... way.... way down and then we lost it. Dr rushed me to the OR for a emergency section under general anesthesia. I was ordered back at 7:04, asleep by 7:14, and baby was out by 7:20 She had a lot of trama to her head, was swelling quite a bit, but never needed any life sustaining equipmen, but did have a fluid iv.. in her head. :( she's been in NICU and their progressive nursery now since Tuesday night. She spent 5 days in NICU, I spent 4 in the hospital. Leaving her there was the hardest thing I've done yet, but bringing her home the next day was the most joyful. She is the best gift I could've ever been given and i didnt know it was possible to love my husband more, but after this.. i do.. and man he loves her :) It's the greatest. Nothing better in this world.
2/28/12 a few hours after birth
2 days old, first time we got to feed her. 
3 days old, first time we got to hold her
4 days old, holding her, (NO IV!) in progressive care nursery. 
3 weeks old. They change so fast :) My sweet girl. 

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  1. Aww I just love baby stories. With my last I had a home birth and I was super happy sharing my experience on my blog.


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